How to create material from 3ds Max with CryENGINE2 Exporter

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This tutorial will walk you through the process of exporting a material from 3ds Max to a .mtl file for use in Blue Mars.

Setting Up Material In 3ds Max

File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax setupAndAssignMultiMat.jpg
  • Name the Multi/Sub-Object Material. This name will be used and displayed in the Blue Mar's material editor.
  • Select a sub-material.
    • Set the shader type to Crytek Shader.
    • Repeat for all other sub-materials.

Preserved Material Settings

File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax assigningTextureMaps.jpg
  • Some of the settings in 3ds Max's material editor will transfer over to the Blue Mars .mtl file.
    • Texture Maps
    • Diffuse Color
    • Opacity Value

Export Material With CryENGINE2 Exporter

File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax addSelectedThenCreateMat.jpg
  • Select the object you want export.
  • Hit Add Selected under the Cry Exporter settings
  • With the object added to the list, hit Create Material.
File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax itemEdOpens.jpg
  • The Item Editor will start. Once the Item Editor is started, then go back to 3ds Max.

NOTE: This step can be skipped if the Item Editor is already open.

File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax hitCreateMatBtnAgain.jpg
  • Hit the Create Material button.
File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax saveMTL.jpg
  • When prompted to save the material file...
    • Make sure the file is being saved to the same directory as the Max file.
    • The .mtl file name must be the same as Multi/Sub-Object material file in 3ds Max.
File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax generatedMTL.jpg
  • Once saved, the material will be displayed in the Item Editor's material editor
  • Notice that some of the settings from 3ds Max were transfered during the process.
File:CryExporter CreateMaterialFromMax result.jpg
  • Go back to 3ds Max and export the .cgf.

NOTE: The 3ds Max file must be saved in order to export a .cgf

  • Open the newly exported .cgf in the Item Editor, and the material will be automatically assigned.
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