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Showcase sample in Beach City

  • Sit on one of the chairs on the white platform to the right of the spawn point.
  • All items that you are currently wearing will be displayed.
  • Other users can see these items, and they can try on or purchase them on the spot.
  • NOTE:
    • To buy an item from the Showcase, it has to be on sale in a Shop somewhere in Blue Mars at the time. Otherwise, the Buy button will not be active.
    • This is NOT a user-to-user item sales feature--that is, you're not actually selling the items you're wearing. The items displayed in the Showcase are purchased directly from the original developer.

Setting up a Showcase in your City (or Block)

Create ARShowItem entity

Radius controls the distance for spawning items. Setting the radius value too large might cause performance issues for both rendering and the network.
Sync period must be kept larger than 1000. This value will be used to synchronize periods of items.

TagPoint to specify showing location


Link to specify showing order

  • Select the ARShowItem entity.
  • Then create an entity link to the TagPoint.
  • Link order will be set to match the item inventory of your avatar.

ARChair as a trigger

In this example I'm using the ARChair entity as a trigger for the Showcase, but you can use any trigger to activate the showing.
  • Set up a Flow Graph to initiate the item showing.
  • ARShowItem entity has a 2-input trigger; Start shows the items and Finish ends the showing.

Check in Blue Mars

ARShowItem entity does not work with the preview mode in the Editor, so you'll have to use the Check in BlueMars command to check your settings of ARShowItem.

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