How to setup a mult/sub-object material for .cgf files

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  • 3ds Max 2008 and above
  • CryENGINE2 Exporter plugin for 3ds Max downloaded from the Downloads section of the developer MyPage.
  • One of the Blue Mars Sandbox Editors (City, Block, Shop, Item, Cloth, or Furniture).

Creating A Multi/Sub-Object Material In 3ds Max

  • Open 3ds Max.
  • Open Max's the material editor (m on keyboard).
    • Select a material slot.
    • Hit the material type button (Standard by default).
    • Select "Multi/Sub-Object" from the Material/Map Browser.
    • Hit OK in the Material/Map Browser.
File:MaterialSetup CGF CreateMultiSubMatInMax.jpg
  • Name your Multi/Sub-Object material something unique.
  • Define the number of sub-materials used.
  • Assign Crytek shaders to the sub-materials.
  • Set the proxy's sub-material physicalized setting to "Physical Proxy (No Draw)"
File:MaterialSetup CGF MultiMatInMax.jpg
File:MaterialSetup CGF SubMatNormal.jpg
File:MaterialSetup CGF SubMatProxy.jpg

Assigning A Multi/Sub-Object Material In 3ds Max

  • Select the object you want to assign the material to.
  • Select the material that you want to use in Max's Material Editor's slots.
  • Hit the "Assign Material To Selection" button.
File:MaterialSetup CGF AssigningMatInMax.jpg
  • The Item's material is now assigned, and the .cgf can be exported using the CryENGINE2 Exporter.

Creating A Multi Material In Blue Mars Sandbox Editors' Material Editor

  • Open one of the editors.
  • Open the .cgf file exported from the previous steps.
  • Open the Material Editor in the Blue Mars Sandbox Editor opened.
  • In the material editor, browse to location of the .cgf file and there should be a material file with the name supplied from 3ds Max's material editor.
  • Right-click the material and select "Create Multi Material From This"
  • Then browse to the location where you want to store the .mlt, give it a name other then the name displayed in the material editor (a bit of a buggy step), and hit OK.
File:MaterialSetup CGF SaveMultiMat.jpg
  • Now right-click again on the Multi-Material in the Material Editor and select "Set Number Of Sub-Materials"
File:MaterialSetup CGF SetNumSubMatA.jpg
  • Enter the desired number of sub-materials and hit OK.
File:MaterialSetup CGF SetNumSubMatB.jpg

Note: The sub-material numbers in the Blue Mars Sandbox Material Editor directly correlate with the sub-material numbers in Max's Material Editor.

  • The Multi Material is now ready for editing.
File:MaterialSetup CGF MultiMatReadyForEditing.jpg

Example File:


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