How to use poses to create a looping animation (ie walk cycle)

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1) First you want to make sure the rotations on the last frame of Bip01 are the same as in the first frame. The translations for X and Y should also be the same, but if there are any keys on Z, leave them. They are for forward motion and don't need to be looped.
Image: MoBu_poses-01a.jpg Image:MoBu_poses-01b.jpg

2) Then characterize the skeleton. (See How to characterize the skeleton into an IK rig for instructions)
3) Create new animation layer.
Image: MoBu_poses-02.jpg

4) At the first frame, select all of the bones in the IK rig, as well as the FK bones that are in the hierarchy.
Image: MoBu_poses-03a.jpg Image: MoBu_poses-03b.jpg

5) Set a keyframe on all selected bones in the first frame.
Image: MoBu_poses-04.jpg

6) In the Asset Browser, go to Pose Controls. Click on "Create" to save the pose in the first frame.
Image: MoBu_poses-05.jpg

6) Go to the last frame of the animation.
Image: MoBu_poses-06.jpg

7) Click on "Paste" in the Pose Editor so that the figure assumes the pose.
Image: MoBu_poses-07.jpg

8) Key all bones and IK solvers again.
Image: MoBu_poses-08.jpg

9) The first and last frame of the animation should be in the same pose now.

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