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Owning a Residence or Apartment allows you to place and position furniture inside of it. You can use your House Inventory to place furniture that you own.

Placing Furniture

When you click a furniture item in your house inventory (assuming you have one available to place) it will automatically be placed at the center point of your Residence. The item will now be in movement mode (see below).
Note: At this point your furniture is just waiting to be placed so it has not officially been added to your Residence yet.

Editing Furniture

To change the placement of a furniture item, simply right-click on the furniture which will bring up a menu of options. By selecting the Decorate button you will be given 3 options of how to place your furniture.
File:HouseInventory retrievingFurniture.jpg


When you enter move mode your furniture will keeps its current position, but as you move the mouse around you'll notice a glowing outline, similar to your new furniture, moving with your mouse. This is the Mover and it will give you all the information you need to place your object where it belongs. If the Mover is blue you can safely place your furniture. If the Mover is red it means it would collide with something if you placed it. If it disappears altogether then it means that your mouse is over a surface that won't allow your type of furniture. For example, if you are placing a table, it should go on the floor, so if you move your mouse over the wall or ceiling the Mover will disappear.
Note: Furniture can be placed on any acceptable surface, including another piece of furniture. Whether the surface is acceptable depends on the artist who created the Residence, interior, or furniture to which the surface belongs.

  • While your Mover is in an acceptable position (visible and blue) you can left click to place your furniture at the Mover's location.
  • At any time you can right click to remove the Mover. If you have not finished placing your furniture it will be replaced in your inventory.


When you enter rotate mode you will be given a small interface with controls for rotating your item. You will also get a Mover placed exactly where your furniture currently is. By left-clicking and holding on the left or right rotation buttons you will be able to (slowly but accurately) rotate your Mover to the desired position. If your Mover collides with any other object while you are rotating it, it will turn red.

  • While your Mover is in an acceptable rotation (glowing blue) you can left-click the Done button to instantly rotate the furniture to the same orientation as your Mover.
  • Right-click at any time while the rotation interface is visible to cancel your rotation.


To place an item back into your inventory, select the Remove button from the furniture right-click menu.

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