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Class Methods

CheckInventory(items_table, callback)
checks if the local user has specified items. Where items_table is a table which contains one or more item IDs. callback function is called when the client gets result data from the server. callback is called with a table which maps an item id to a boolean value.

Inventory.CheckInventory ({"00040032", "00040000"},
                          function (tbl)
                            for id, flag in pairs (tbl) do
                              System.Log ((flag and "You have " or "You don't have ") .. id)
Then, you get something like this in the log output:
<Lua> You don't have 00040000
<Lua> You have 00040032

Testing of this function should be done in the client (BlueMars>Export>Check city in BlueMars from the Editor), rather than in the Editor. To avoid errors in the Editor, check if System.IsEditor() before calling this function.
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