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The "Face" button, otherwise known as makeup will allow you customize the makeup on your face any way you like.


In this tutorial we will be briefly reviewing the functions of the "Face" button and how to use each one.



1. This is your diffuse color selector, use this to change the color of the brush you are using
2. This is the brush selector, clicking this will allow you to change the shape of the brush you are using
3. The Alpha slider will change the opacity of the brush you are working with.
4. Symmetry and Gloss.

  • Selecting Symmetry will make it so that whatever brush you are using will be mirrored on to the other half of the face, this works best for brushes like eyebrows etc.
  • The Gloss option will allow you to have a sort of "glow" to your brush, this is useful for brushes like the "Lips" which add that glossiness to reflect real makeup.

5. This section is for working with / creating a brush layer.

  • New - This creates a new brush layer.
  • Undo - Undoes the last action you have performed.
  • Duplicate - Will make a copy of the current brush layer that is selected.
  • Redo - Redoes the last action you have performed.
  • Delete - Deletes selected layer from the palette.
  • H Flip - Flips your current brush along the horizontal scale.
  • V Flip - Flips your current brush along the vertical scale.
  • DeleteAll - Will delete all layers and brushes placed.

6. These control the orientation of the brushes that have already been placed.

  • Rotate - Will rotate the currently selected brush.
  • X Scale - Will scale the brush along the X Axis.
  • Y Scale - Will scale the brush along the Y Axes.

7. These options control the way you view the "Face" window and importing and exporting options.

  • Zoom+ - Allows you to zoom in on the preview window.
  • Zoom- - Allows you to zoom out on the preview window.
  • Export - Will export the current brushes and all layers to a .csd file which can be shared with other users.
  • Import - Imports .csd files and replaces your current makeup with whatever data is stored on the .csd file.
  • Reset - Resets your face back to defaults.
  • Close - Will close the "Face" window.

8. This is the "Preview" area where you apply brushes that are reflected on your avatar's face.
9. This area is where you can view all your brush layers, and rearrange layers depending on the order you would like it to be displayed in.

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