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Property Management

How do I get a block tenant to see a current version of the city surrounding their block, while not losing any data they have added to the block?

There are two possible ways you can do this.

1) Do not export data into your .BLD file if you plan to change it in the future.
2) Re-export your .BLD file with new data, then ask the Block owner to import it into their level.

  • To go with method (1), the City owner needs to keep the External switch turned on in Layer settings.
  • The .BLD export routine in the City Editor will not export the data which is in the Layer when the External switch is on. Furthermore, the export routine will not include the data in other Blocks.
  • So if the City owner does not want to hand over data to the Block owner, the City owner can simply create a new layer with the External switch on and add data to it.

  • To go with method (2), use the Re-upload BLD command in the [Properties] -> [City] -> [Block] tab in the Developer MyPage so if the City Developer updates data in the City, they can simply re-export the .BLD file then re-upload them via the command above.
  • Also, on the Block owner side there is a [File] -> [Import BLD...] command in the Block Editor. That command just replaces the data from the City owner without deleting the Block owner's work.
  • Here are the steps for method 2: (NOTE: In the following steps, the assumption is that the Block owner saves his work with the name <blockname>.bld)
  1. Create the copy of the .BLD file as a backup file: <blockname>_<backup data>.BLD
  2. Download the .BLD file from the Developer MyPage and give it a different name: <blockname>_download.BLD
  3. Open the .BLD file which contains your current work: <blockname>.BLD
  4. Import the new .BLD data you just downloaded from the Developer MyPage.: <blockname>_download.BLD
  5. Make sure your working data still remain.
  6. Save it.

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