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This page is a place to collect requested features from developers, and for AR Staff & Developers to note status:

  • Currently feature requests are scattered among many forum posts, and so tend to get lost or repeated.
  • This page can be used to collect the requests in an organized way and describe them. The discussion page can be used to "vote" for features (by adding the four ~ signature), and have additional comments, so as to keep this front page somewhat organized and uncluttered.
  • Items should be listed alphabetically by section to aid finding them, and cross-referenced if it applies to more than one section.
  • Suggested status labels include: released (date/version), next release, in development, future planned, wishlist, will not do & reason, cannot do & reason

Player Client Software (BlueMars.exe)

System Requirements

  • Provide more prominent minimum & recommended system requirements.
  • Provide tweaks guide for system.cfg file or other files for very low or high end systems pending more online settings.
  • Provide cloud render servers to enable portable and low-spec desktop use (In Development)


  • Provide a looped animation for dancing
  • Correct sit animation so players wearing heels do not "float" above the chair


  • Provide faster movement options. Current "Run" is about 2 m/s, which is actually a brisk walk/jog speed in real life. Athletes reach speeds of 7-11 m/s. Ideally we would have speeds of walk, jog, run, and zoom @ approx 1,3,9, and 27 m/s, with zoom able to be disabled by city developer if desired for eg roleplay areas.
  • Provide detached camera/fly/teleport options by default, which can be disabled by default.
  • Provide player-modifiable body shapes in the same way as faces can be. Allow saving of several sets of face + makeup + body shape. Allow "morph mixing" of several bought shapes and saved player sets using percent sliders to enable customization of avatar bodies to suit player desires.
  • Provide uniform scaling of avatars within a reasonable size range.


  • Optional chat history logging
  • Full copy/paste to and from chat, and URL linking from chat
  • Language translator to help with other languages
  • Internationalization of keyboard layout and UI text


  • Provide a way to sort and delete inventory items


  • Provide option to log in to same location as logged or crashed out. The reason is that if you were in the middle of a roleplay game, or in your Blue Mars house, you should start there, instead of a city spawn point and have to travel back to where you were.
  • Improved Places Browser to sensibly handle many cities.


  • Provide editable profiles, with optional user supplied photos or link to user website.


  • Provide shareable snapshot feature

Developer SDK

Editors Generally

  • Provide vehicle editor
  • Provide animation editor
  • Merge functions to reduce number of editors in total

Shop Editor

  • Allow renaming of shelf entities within the Shop Editor, and have the names persist through the MyPage shelf list.
  • Enable grid snaps in shop editor to make alignment of items easier.

New Editors

  • Provide vehicle editor
  • Provide animation editor



  • Reliability, Speed, and Distribution: Provide higher reliability downloads and uploads, such as (a) torrent with data block verification or (b) WinRAR with recovery record, and the ability to select subsets for download, both for player client and developer files. When more players are around, a file sharing system like torrents will allow city updates to be distributed faster with less server peak load. Consider CD or DVD distribution of client + city data for people with limited bandwidth, and use incremental patches to data rather than full re-load each time.
  • Provide a method to selectively delete city files or manage disk space.
  • Remove excessive log files at C:\VivoxLogs, and place logs in proper location under program data or Blue Mars directory, not top level of hard drive.


  • Provide unified logins. Developer login should access all parts of the website once logged in. Page refresh should not require logging in again.

Developer Guidebook (this Wiki)

  • Bring pages up to date with current SDK features, developer MyPage functions, and procedures.
  • Provide information how to *manage* Cities/Blocks/Shops past initial creation, to include updates and deletion of items.

Developer MyPage

  • There has never been anything on the News tab. Either put some news there, or make something else the default page.
  • Provide a way to download billing history, contents, and properties data to a spreadsheet.
  • Provide settings to not show images, and an optonal widescreen display to show more items per screen. "Items per page" settings of 50 and 100 do not make sense if you can only actually see 6-12 despite a large (1920x1200) monitor. Having to sidescroll by default to see all the data columns is poor design.
  • Provide a way to delete failed QA items, or obsolete items
  • Ability to save shelf sets, so as to swap a store setup all at once or re-use for another location.
  • Provide visitor count and concurrency tracking.


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