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To create a residence for sale or your own personal use you need to be a Block Developer and you'll need to decide what kind of residence you would like to make. Each block supports up to 50 residences regardless of the type you choose.

There are 2 types of residence right now

Single Family Residences allow the Block Developer to create houses, mansions or whatever else they can come up with and then designate which parts of the object will be available for the user to decorate with furniture items. Houses set up this way will always be visible in the world however furniture and people inside them will not be visible from the outside. Single Family Residences are meant to allow developers to provide unique residences to their users.

For more information please refer to Setting up a single family home in the Block Editor.

Apartments allow a Block Developer to create a Highrise type of system where many residences might share a common exterior but have their own interior space. The exterior (basically the shell of the apartment building) is placed in the Block Editor. The interior areas are created in the Furniture Editor (these are the walls, floor, and ceiling of the apartment). The exterior will always be visible in the world, however the interior will only be visible to the players who are actually in it. Apartments allow cities to have hundreds of different types of apartments without having the overhead of showing them all.

For more information please refer to Setting up an Apartment in the Block Editor

Technical Limitations

When a player enters a residence they are logged out of the city chat and logged into a chat specific to that room. This means that users in the room will see each other and be able to chat with each other but they will not be able to see or chat with players outside. When you design your interior spaces keep this in mind. You need to force them to exit their house through an exit door so that they will be logged back into city chat. So if you have a house with an open patio you need to block of the area around it so players can't just walk back into the city.

Furniture is spawned when players enter their residence. Each residence contains it's own list of furniture that the player has placed and furniture can only be placed in one residence at a time.

Only one player can own a residence but they may have up to 10 guests. Only the owner can place/move/remove furniture but all of the guests can interact with it.

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