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As a Content Creator, you can put your creations out for sale in Blue Mars, using our real estate system to lease Shops from Block Developers. A Shop can be a simple place with a single shelf, or an elaborate structure with many shelves to display your items.

image: Shops_BeachCity.jpg image: Shops_Caledonia.jpg

The process of setting up a Shop in Blue Mars to sell the contents you've created involves the following steps:

  • Leasing a Shop.
  • Downloading a B2S file.
  • Editing a Shop interior.
  • Uploading your Shop interior to Blue Mars.
  • Setting your Shop interior to your Shop.
  • Setting contents on your Shop Shelf.

You will be using the following tools and websites to set up your Shop:

Here we will cover the steps you need as a Shop Owner to set up and manage your Shop.

First Steps

To sell contents in your Shop, you would need to go through the following steps:

Become a Blue Mars Developer

1. Login

2. Left-click DOWNLOAD to open the Tool Download page.

3. Download the free Developer Toolkit and other necessary plugins.

Create and Upload Contents

  • Once you become a Blue Mars Developer, use the various free tools you downloaded to create clothes, accessories, furniture, custom avatar bodies and etc.
  • Next, upload your content to the Avatar Reality database. Once submitted, the content will go through a technical check before being released and distributed to everyone in Blue Mars.
  • Finally, when your content distributed, your Avatar can wear/use your content(if gender matches) but you can't sell or trade to other members.

Find and Lease Your Shop

You are now ready to put your contents on display for sale! To do this, you will need to lease a Shop and put your contents on its interior.

Edit and Upload Your Shop Interior

Now that you are a Shop Owner, you can now download the necessary B2S files to start editing your Shop interior.

NOTE: If you just want to set a pre-made, single-shelf interior to your Shop to get started quickly, skip this step and move to Save Time by Using a Default Shop Interior.

Download a .B2S File

You will need to download a .B2S (Block-to-Shop) file before setting an interior to your Shop.

  • In the Developer MyPage, go to PROPERTIES > Shop (left tab) > Leased Shops.
  • Select the Shop you just leased, and from the pull-down menu, select Download .B2S File.
  • Download the .B2S file to your MyData directory. This .B2S file will have a file name like this: <CityName>_<BlockName>_<ShopName>.b2s.
  • Create a new sub-folder under MyData using the <Shop> name, for example: \MyData\<ShopName>\<BlockName>.b2s.

NOTE: The Shop Editor is for creating Shop interiors, and not for creating a Shop from scratch. As a Shop Owner, you don't need to worry about placing the actual Shop entity inside a Block, as the Block Developer. Shop entity has already included in the .B2S file you just downloaded with some exteriors(if Block Developer built).

Edit Shop Interior with the Shop Editor

  • Start the Shop Editor, by left-doubleclicking this icon:

  • Go to File > Open and select the .B2S file you just downloaded (\MyData\<ShopName>\<CityName>_<BlockName>_<ShopName>.b2s). While the file is loading (it may take a few seconds), you can watch the progress in the status bar(bottom left corner of window).

NOTE: You will see that the Shop Editor still supports the old .B2C format.

The folder where .B2S file opened from will be a "Project folder" and all data(cgf, mtl, dds) for your shop interior will have to store the project folder. In this document, it will be \MyData\test_shop\.
NOTE: No sub folder allowed in project folder.

  • Open the Shop menu and use the Select a shop... command.

Latest ShopEditor will skip this process

  • A dialog window named "Shop Selector"will appear. Select the name of the Shop you leased. Left-click OK and you will be relocated to the center of this shop. As you can see, it's totally empty.

Latest ShopEditor will skip this process

  • First, we will place one content for sale on what we call a "Shelf." Note that a shop must have at least one "Shelf", before it can be packed and uploaded. For that purpose, we will use the green jacket model, provided in the \MyData\test_cloth\ folder.

For the basics on setting an item to a shelf and packing your interior data for upload, please follow the steps outlined in the Shop Editor Manual. When you have packed your Shop interior data, please read on the the next section.

Upload Your Shop Interior

  • At this point, the Shop Interior is ready for uploading, via the Developer MyPage. Go to PROPERTIES > Shop (left menu) > Leased Shops, select your Shop (highlighted in blue), and from the pull-down menu select Upload Shop Interior.

  • The upload dialogue window will appear. This is the same window that appears when you upload contents.

  • Select the thumbnail image and .ZIP file of the interior you created.
  • Select Category: INTERIOR.
  • Fill in the other information like Item Name and Description. You can leave the Price(BLU) and Total Copies fields alone, as we currently do not support sales of interior data.

  • Upon a successful upload you should see a confirmation message like this.

  • Now your Shop Interior is in technical review and will take time to process.
  • Check the status of the Shop interior by going to Developer MyPage > CONTENTS, and looking at the "Status" column for your uploaded interior. It should say SUBMITTED. Once the interior has gone through a technical review and it is released in Blue Mars, the status will change to RELEASED. You are now ready to set that interior in your Shop.

Set an Interior and Contents in Your Shop

Set Interior

  • Once the Shop interior is RELEASED go to your Developer MyPage, go to PROPERTIES > Shop (left menu) > Leased Shops and select a Shop.
  • From the dropdown menu, select command Set Interior.

A menu will pop up. Select a Shop Interior and left-click the Set Interior button. This process upon completion will take your Shop and link it with the interior you created in the Shop Editor.

Now the Shop Interior is linked to the Shop.

TIP: Save Time by Using a Default Shop Interior

If all you need is just one shelf to put your content on, and you don't need/want to spend the time creating your own Shop interior, you can use the Default Shop Interior, which is available to all developers.

  • In the Developer MyPage, follow the same steps in "Set an Interior to Your Shop" above, and open the Set Interior pop-up window with PROPERTIES > Shop > Leased Shops > "Set Interior" command.
  • From the list of interiors, select DefaultShopInterior_SingleShelf_Cloth and click on the Set Interior button.


  • That's it! A single-shelf interior has been linked to your Shop, and you are now ready to set your contents.

Set Contents in Your Shop

Now that you have leased a Shop and set an interior in it, you can now put your content on its shelf (or shelves). You do this by linking the contents you uploaded to the Shop shelf.

  • The following pop-up window will come up. Select the content you want place on the Shelf and left-click on the Set Item button at the bottom right corner.

Now the content is linked to the Shelf and you are ready for business!

NOTE: Once you set content to the Shop Shelf, it will be visible immediately in Blue Mars. If you had Blue Mars running when you set the content and you don't see it on the Shop Shelf, try logging out and coming back to the Shop.

Replace content on the Shelf

If you want to replace the content that's currently on a Shelf with another content, simply select that Shelf and repeat the Set Item process above and choose another content in the dialogue box.

Remove content from Shelf

If you want to make the Shelf empty, simply select that Shelf and choose the command Remove Item from the pull-down menu.

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