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The Settings window gives you control over the basic UI. It allows you to change your Display, Sound options, Chat bubbles, Voice options, Camera options as well as your Control setup.

In this tutorial we will cover all the different aspects of the Settings window and how it is used.



1. This section allows you move through the different windows associated with Settings, Click an option to display that tab.
2. This will display whatever tab you have clicked in section 1.
3. Set to default will undo any changes you have made and restore your settings to their defaults.
4. Clicking OK will save all changes and return you to the game. Cancel will undo any changes you have just made and return you to the game.



  • Screen Resolution: Adjust the size of your BM Client, also gives you the functionality to go full screen (pressing alt + enter also achieves this).
  • Rendering Quality: Allows you to adjust the Quality of your gaming experience. Please note that Motion Blur, Depth of Focus and Parallax Occlusion Mapping only works on "Very High" mode.
  • Display Name: Allows you to toggle displaying your name above your avatar either on or off.



  • Pointer Click Sound: This option will allow you to either enable, or disable the sound made when you click the ground to move.

Chat Bubble


  • Show Bubbles: Allows you to either enable or disable seeing chat bubbles above any avatars head.
  • Text Size: If Bubbles are allowed, this option will change the size of the text displayed within chat boxes.
  • Max Distance: This option controls how far away you can be before text is cut off and not displayed on your screen.
  • Bubble Color: If Bubbles are enabled, this option will change the color of your chat bubbles whenever you chat.



  • Voice Chat: Allows you to either enable or disable using voice chat.
  • Volume: Controls how loud the voices of other users are.
  • Microphone Volume: Controls how loud your voice is when using voice chat.



  • Camera Follow: What camera follow does is that it sets the camera directly behind your avatar, so whenever you move your camera follows along with you. This option enables or disables that feature.



  • Pointer: This option allows you to enable or disable the little blue arrow that would normally appear whenever you click the ground to indicate your destination.
  • Avatar Controls: You can either set this to Default or Absolute Direction. Enabling absolute direction will make it so whenever you use the WASD or the arrow keys to move, rather than gradually moving in one direction your avatar will snap to whichever direction you are heading.

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