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Geometry & Objects

  • A single object cannot have more than 65k vertices, normals, faces, polygons, etc. (65,535 to be exact). bmImport and bmImportCmd can process a larger object, but the resulting file may not be compatible with the Resource Compiler or the City Editor. See this page for more details.
  • A single object should not exceed 65 meters in one dimension to avoid collision precision issues; for the same reason, objects should not be thinner than 1 cm in each dimension.
  • Only polygonal geometry is supported. NURBS surfaces are not supported.

Attachable Objects

  • Attachable objects such as cloth, hair, or shoes should remain below 5000 triangles


  • LOD objects must be named $lod#, where the # is equal to LOD number. The first LOD should be named $lod1.
  • LODs can have text appended to the end of their name. For example, $lod1_myObject is easier to identify in a scene with multiple objects that have their own LODs.
  • The maximum number of LODs allowed per .cgf is 6.
  • Every LOD must be half the poly count of the previous LOD.
  • The last LOD should be 300 tris or less.
  • Once an LOD has reached 300 tris or less, then LOD creation should stop because the engine will ignore any subsequent LODs.
  • For LOD creation with COLLADA DAE, each LOD must be selected and exported together with all meshes that make up the DAE.
  • For LOD creation with CryEngine2 Exporter plug-in, each LOD must be "Linked" to a parent object. The parent object should be your main object or a dummy node.

Object Count

  • There is a 16k object limit in the renderer.
  • When creating shop or apartment interiors in the Interior Editor (*), you can have up to 3 light sources, regardless of the size of the current shop or apartment.
  • When creating shop or apartment interiors in the Interior Editor (*), the maximum number of decorations (the total number of lights and geometry objects) is 100.
  • In Shop interiors, the total number of available shelves is limited by the shop size, but can not exceed 250.

(*) Note: the same limits apply when using the Shop Editor, a predecessor of the Interior Editor .


  • The maximum number of materials, including all sub-materials, is limited to 31.
  • The maximum number of Submaterials for all objects in is limited to 30.


  • 2048x2048 is the largest supported texture size
  • 15 Terrain Texture Layers are available

File Size Limits

The following file size limits apply to content or property data uploaded from the Developer MyPage.
NOTE: These limits are subject to change.

  • Content ( 512KB
  • .BLD file: 250MB
    • NOTE: A warning message will appear for .BLD files 25MB or larger (indicating that your City data size may be too large), but you can still upload them.
  • .B2C file: 10MB
  • .CTY file: 1GB
  • Shop interior: 2MB
  • Apartment interior: 2MB

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