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The toolbar provides instant access to the most important features in the Blue Mars client. It's default position is at the center bottom of the main view window. It provides 12 primary functions.

Moving the Toolbar

To move the toolbar, left-click the black handle (above the icons in the default position), while holding the left-click button, move the mouse to snap the toolbar to the center bottom, left, right or top of the screen. Release the left-click button to attach the toolbar to its new position.

Closing the Toolbar

Left-click the black handle (above the icons in the default position) and release to minimize the toolbar. Click it again to bring it back.

Button Specific Articles

Please click on the corresponding links if you would like more information about the functions of each button.

image:chat.jpgChat - Opens the Local Chat window.
image:friends.jpgFriends - Opens the Friends List.
image:camera.jpgCamera - Click to cycle through various camera views.
image:places.jpgPlaces - Opens the Places Browser.
image:help.jpgHelp - Opens the Help Desk page on your web browser.
image:clothes.jpgClothes - Opens the Clothing menu to dress up your avatar.
image:body.jpgBody - Opens the Body menu to put custom bodies on your avatar.
image:cosmetics.jpgFace - Opens the Makeup menu.
image:animations.jpgAnimation - Opens the Animation menu.
image:options.jpgSettings - Opens the Settings menu.
image:Client_Toolbar_BuyBLU.jpgBuy BLU - Opens window to purchase BLU currency.
image:logout.jpgLogOut - Opens a prompt asking you if you want to log out of Blue Mars.

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