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This page is to link any Blue Mars related tutorials from any source, here in the Wiki, on the Developer Forum, or other sites. Please add any you have written or links you find.


Official Tutorials

Avatar Reality Tutorials Page

Crytek Official CryEngine 2 Video Tutorials

Beginner Tutorials

Building for Blue Mars - (Draft Sep 2010)

Desmond Shang's 'How to Build For Blue Mars'

Volunteer Tips - Notes for people in the newcomer Volunteer program and helpful newcomer resources.

Block Editor Tutorials

Block Tutorial - Basic flow for creating a block, exporting, building, and importing back to city

Block Editor Comments - Building complex objects in the Block Editor.

Body Editor Tutorials

Arzach's Zombie Skin Tutorial

Avatar Template - UV Templates and how to make a custom skin

City Editor Tutorials

City Setup - How to do basic setup of a Blue Mars city from scratch

Terrain Import - How to import real world maps and eventually terrain created in other software

Terrain Painting Aliasing Jagged Edges explains why it happens and what you can do to minimize it

City Performance - Early draft on how to optimize a city for acceptable graphics card performance

Material Editor Tutorials

Daniel's writeup on the Material Editor (two pages due to length):

Material Editor

Material Editor 2

Shop Editor Tutorials

Shop Editor v0.8938 Notes - comments after following the official shop tutorial.

Third Pary Software Tutorials

Third Party Software Tools - A list of what software can and can't be used to create and edit content for Blue Mars.

Crysis Tutorials

The CryEngine 2 graphics engine and Sandbox 2 Editor from the Crysis game series by Crytek GMBH are what have been modified by Avatar Reality to make the Blue Mars user client software and editing tools. While they are not identical, they are close enough that information on the original Crysis items mostly applies to Blue Mars.

Crysis Sandbox video tutorials by Xanthochori

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