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Upcoming Deprecations and Changes

The purpose of this page is to let developers know about upcoming changes to existing features, before a release. See also the full Release Notes.

Expected changes or removal of features will be listed here for the upcoming release.

Nonfunctional materials removed

Due to missing textures, the following materials will be removed from the Editors.

  • Materials/AR/Common/Terrain/ar_cliff1
  • Materials/AR/Common/Terrain/cliff1
  • Materials/AR/Common/Terrain/roads/asphalt_race1

Past releases

December 17, 2010 Release 0.80.120780.0

Nonfunctional materials removed

The following materials that lead to missing texture paths will be removed.

  • Materials/Ar/Common/Decals/Dirt/Dirt16_dark.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Common/Decals/Dirt/Dirt17_dark.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Common/Decals/Dirt/Dirt26.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Common/Decals/Dirt/Dirt16_dark.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Common/Terrain/ar_cliff1
  • Materials/Ar/Common/Terrain/cliff1
  • Materials/Ar/Decal/Beachcity/compass.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Decal/Beachcity/welcomewhite.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Decal/Beachcity/welcomeblack.mtl
  • Materials/Ar/Gallery/Alphabet.mtl

Redundant sample data removed

The following folders have been removed from the City Developer Sample Data (found in the Tool Download page), since they are already installed from the Developer Toolkit:

  • AR_FaceCustomization
  • AR_Preview
  • AR_Viewer

COLLADA asset importer doc removed

The Using the Blue Mars COLLADA asset importer article is obsolete and will be removed.

Nonfunctional Editor controls removed

The following controls will be removed from all Editor menus, as they are not functional:

  • ARShelf, in Entity Params:
    • LodRatio
    • ViewDistRatio
NOTE: LodRatio and ViewDistRatio controls can still be applied to individual items of the ARShelf content, before they are packed into a single Display.xml that is used to initialize the shelf. That can be done in ItemEditor, for example.
  • ARFillLight and ARSpotLight, in Entity Params:
    • CastShadow (for spot light, use Entity Propoerties -> CastShadow control; for fill lights, no shadows)
    • LodRatio
    • CastScatterMaps
    • Motion blur muliplier
    • Receive Wind
    • Use Occluders
NOTE: For spot lights, use Entity Properties -> CastShadow control to turn shadows on/off. Fill lights cast no shadows.

AR demo furniture items removed

In the Developer MyPage, in the PROPERTIES > Block > Residences > Set Up Residence > Set Item dialog window, a list of furniture/ornament items appears. These are items used previously in the demo Residence in Beach City, and will be removed so they won't appear in everyone's menu window.

October 29, 2010 Release 0.70.11402.0

Material files in "textures" folder

The following .mtl files in the textures folder will be removed:

  • textures/ar/Common/decal/mud/puddle_water.mtl
  • textures/ar/Common/nodraw.mtl
  • textures/ar/Common/terrain/detail/ar_cliff.mtl
  • textures/ar/Common/terrain/detail/ar_sand.mtl
  • textures/ar/Common/terrain/detail/cliff.mtl
  • textures/ar/terrain/Detail/ar_cliff.mtl
  • textures/ar/terrain/Detail/ar_sand.mtl
  • textures/ar/terrain/Detail/cliff.mtl
  • textures/Common/Decal/puddle_water.mtl
  • textures/terrain/detail/ar_cliff.mtl
  • textures/terrain/detail/ar_sand.mtl
  • textures/terrain/detail/cliff.mtl

All editors should work fine without these files.

Entity: Non-working animal entities to be deleted

The following .ent files will be removed on the next release, since they are not working due to lack of a corresponding lua script.

  • Game/Entities/Common/Crabs.ent
  • Game/Entities/Common/Frogs.ent
  • Game/Entities/Common/Turtles.ent
  • Game/Entities/AR/Common/animals/sealife/Fish_fresh.ent
  • Game/Entities/Birds.ent (ARBird.ent can be used instead)

Lua API: ARVirtualWorld methods

As a part of upcoming control scheme changes, the following ARVirtualWorld methods will no longer hide/show the standard HUD in the upcoming release:

  • ARVirtualWorld.Instance:HideHUD();
  • ARVirtualWorld.Instance:ShowHUD();

Two alternative methods will be provided to disable navigation, as some developers previously used [i]HideHUD[/i] for this purpose; one which disables navigation via both WASD and mouse click, and one which disables navigation via mouse click.

Furniture Editor "Interior" option removed

When you open the Furniture Editor and select the "Furniture -> Make furniture..." command, a window will appear. The first item, Assembly Type, is a drop-down list with 2 options: "Furniture" and "Interior". The "Interior" option will be removed from this list.


Reason: With the next release, we will be introducing a new Editor, called Interior Editor, which will be used for creating and editing interiors for Shops as well as Apartments. So we will be moving the "Interior" assembly type from the Furniture Editor to this new editor.

"Cloak layer" related controls removed

The "cloak layer" controls in the following areas were removed, as the feature is non-functional.

  • Removed cloak layer control in MaterialLayerPresets in the Material Editor.
  • Removed cloak layer option in Entity:MaterialLayer Flow Node.

August 26, 2010 Release 0.0.10521.0

AR_Vegetation shader: no longer available, replaced with AR_VegetationCustom

The new AR_VegetationCustom shader will support Opacity texture. This shader will use the Custom slot instead of Opacity Map slot. Developers do not need to change existing materials which use the AR_Vegetation shader, however the Shader label will appear blank in the Material Editor. If a developer wishes to make use of this opacity feature in an existing material, simply change the Shader type to AR_VegetationCustom (the other settings have not changed, only opacity support). Materials created after this change will have the AR_VegetationCustom option in the Shader menu.

Source Control related menu items to be removed

The menu items relating to Source Control will be removed from the following locations in the next release, as these features are not supported.

  • In the command line options
  • In City/Block Editor (under Preferences > General Settings)
  • In Material Editor (right-click menu):
    • Add To Source Control
    • Check Out
    • Check In
    • Undo Check Out
    • Get Latest Version

Material Editor

Nonfunctional buttons to be removed

A few nonfunctional buttons will be removed from the Material Editor window: Materials Library, Copy Material, Paste Material, and Generate Cubemap for Selected Object. Pictured below, these buttons do not work and will be hidden in the Editor to avoid confusion and make the GUI simpler.

Image: remove_mtl_ed_btns.png

Materials Library filter option to be removed

This filter type is not used and we plan to remove it from the menu.

The other filter options, All Materials and Used in Levels, will remain in the pull-down menu.

Image: remove_mtls_lib.jpg

Assign to Selected Objects command to be removed from Popup menu

Presently, our upload system required material file names be the same as the objects, so this function could invalidate data for upload. Disabled.

Surface Type selector options modified

All content editors (Item, Cloth, Body, Shop):

  • In the Material Editor, Surface Type selector options will be reduced to the following types, to exclude surface types that may cause incompatibilities:
    • mat_blank, mat_nodraw, mat_ar_forbidden

Furniture Editor only:

  • In the Material Editor, Surface Type selector options will be reduced to:
    • mat_blank, mat_nodraw, mat_ar_forbidden, mat_ar_ceiling, mat_ar_floor, mat_ar_wall.

City and Block Editors will still have all Surface Types available.

Objects/AR/Common folder removed

The folder Objects/AR/Common will be removed from the Material Editor for all small editors (Item, Cloth, Body, Furniture, Shop).

This is the folder where "particle_green_leafs" appears. It will be removed to avoid confusion.

Image: MaterialEditor_ObjectsFolder.jpg

Generate surface texture dialog modified

Generate surface texture dialog will now only display the resolution options that are available in your current level. To check the maximum resolution for your level, open the Terrain Layer Texture dialog by selecting Terrain > Export/Import Terrain Texture.

Image:generateSurfacetexture.jpg Image:terrainlayer.jpg

"Resize Terrain" menu temporarily removed

Resize Terrain has been removed from the City Editor menu TEMPORARILY, while we work to resolve a bug where the texture import/export only works once (see this forum post for details).

ARConfirmDoor entity name change

In the upcoming release, the name of the ARConfirmDoor entity will be changed to better reflect its purpose: ARConfirmTeleport. Any existing ARConfirmDoor entities need to be replaced with the ARConfirmTeleport entity; if your level makes use of the ARConfirmDoor entity, we suggest you make a note of your Property settings in advance. In addition to the name change, the teleport-to position will now depend on an entity link (similar to how the ARTeleport entity works) rather than a TagPoint name.

Please see the Teleporting page for further details.

Developer MyPage

Download button will now link to Developer Guidebook Download page

The Download button will no longer open a pop-up window. Rather, it will link to the Tool Download page on the Developer Guidebook.

July 15, 2010 Patch 0.0.9782.0

The following changes were made before the July 15, 2010 patch.

AR_Hair shader: "Vertex Colors" will no longer exist

Due to the limitation of the .chr file and the Engine, and to avoid confusion for developers, we will remove "Vertex Color" control from AR_Hair shader in the next dev tool release.

July 1, 2010 Release 0.0.9652.0

The following changes were made before the July 1, 2010 release. See also the full July 1, 2010 Release Notes.

ClothEditor: Z depth bias no longer available in default

The rendering engine of BlueMars has special handling for hiding penetration between body and cloth which is called Z-depth bias. As you might already know, ClothEditor uses same rendering engine with Z-depth bias function ON, which has made it difficult for cloth creators to find cloth data problems. With the release of the BodyEditor, and body data with extreme deformation, that deformation exaggerates the small intersection into a large gap and we can't solve this issue without fixing the geometry itself. So we decided to turn off the Z-depth bias by default in both Cloth and BodyEditor in the next release. The menu location of this switch in the Cloth and BodyEditor: [Display] -> [Depth bias].

BlockEditor: no longer indicates maximum number of shops/shelves

We decided to get rid of the number which indicates the maximum number of shelves in the top right of the BlockEditor.

Due to a new Dev MyPage function which makes the shop/shelf maximum editable, and the fact that the BlockEditor is not notified when a user modifies that number, we decided to hide that number to avoid confusion (until BlockEditor has that ability).

ShopEditor: 'Flow Graph' menu no longer exists

We will hide following menu from ShopEditor in next release: [View] -> [Flow Graph]

This menu is not meant to appear in the ShopEditor; it does nothing and will be removed in the next release.

CityEditor: no longer accesses textures in inappropriate folder

CityEditor no longer renders textures which are loaded from invalid file path (see image below). Instead, the white and blue "No texture" will be rendered; this will help developers catch errors earlier.

This change might cause a lot of missing texture in some city developers' levels.


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