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Updating your Block

At some point you may want to add more Shops or Residences to your Block, or perhaps rearrange objects as you see fit. If you're a Block Developer looking to do this, this document would be a good place to start.
This tutorial is meant for the Block Developer who has already released their Block to Blue Mars. This also includes City Developers who are currently using one of their Blocks by themselves.

Before Update

You can modify any data in your Block except the ARShop entity and ARResidence entity. In order to change either ARShop or ARResidence, they must NOT have a tenant in them. Otherwise the server will refuse your .B2C upload (this check was put in place to avoid trouble between you and the Shop owner or Residence tenant).
To evict a tenant from your Shop or Residence please check this document.

Import updates to your Block

Sometimes City Developers change the terrain or settings in their City, and those changes might affect your Block region. In such cases, the City Developers will ask you to update your Block with their latest settings.
To do that, you have to download the latest .BLD from MyPage then import to your Block.

If nothing is updated by the City Developer, or for some reason you decided to ignore the update the City Developer made, then skip this section and move to the next step.

(0) Please close BlockEditor before proceeding.

(1) Download the latest .BLD file from Developer MyPage.


Note: Please make sure that the Block Editor is closed before downloading the latest .BLD file from the Developer MyPage.

Do NOT overwrite an already existing .BLD file.
Tip: Inserting the downloaded date in the .BLD file name is a good way to avoid overwriting files and making file management easier.

(2) Import the downloaded .BLD to your block.

Open your current working .BLD file first.

Then import the newly downloaded .BLD file.

Now you are ready to update your Block!!

Load .BLD

Open up your Block Editor and load the .BLD file of the Block you would like to modify.

Note: If you downloaded a .BLD from the previous section, make sure you are opening the merged .BLD instead of the downloaded one.


Again, to change the following entities, please make sure that these Shops/Residences do NOT have any tenant in it.
ARShop entity
ARResidence entity
If some of your Shops/Residences do have tenants and some don't, you can still edit the Shops/Residences, but only ones that are empty. Doing this will allow the server to accept your modified .B2C submission.

Save .BLD

Once you have made changes and are satisfied with your Block, save your .BLD from File -> Save.

Export .B2C

Select FILE > Export .B2C to export your changes to .B2C format.

Re-Uploading the .B2C

Now login to the Developer MyPage and under PROPERTIES > Block > Leased Blocks, select your Block and choose Upload .B2C.



On the dialogue window there are a few options you can choose from.

  • Select File: Use this to locate your .B2C file for upload to your Block
  • Delete Existing Properties: Checking this box will delete all Shops and Residences on your Block from the Database and replace it with whatever is contained within your .B2C file.
  • Message to City Owner: Add some text here if you would like to give the City Developer specific instructions on the release of your Block or simply to send a message.

Communicating with the City Developer

As shown above, in most cases simply adding some text when you update your Block should be the only step of communication that you need with your City Developer. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to keep an open channel between you and your City Developer if you have specific needs for your Block, such as allocating more Shelves to your Block or perhaps releasing your Block only after a certain amount of time.

Please note that as a Block Developer you do NOT have to send your .B2C, .BLD or any other file directly (that is, using email or FTP instead of the Developer MyPage) to the City Developer unless you trust them and there is some discrepancy with your Block that they need to personally see. Also if you send the .B2C to the City Developer directly, you won't be able to register the information of Shops or Residences into the Database which means your Shops or Residences will not be manageable from the Developer MyPage.

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