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Shops are used to sell content that is created for users and developers in Blue Mars.
In order to modify a Shop interior/contents you must be one of the following:

  • A City Developer who has placed Shops on their own Block and is using the Shop by themselves.
  • A Block owner that has placed Shops and is using the Shops by themselves.
  • A Shop owner renting a Shop from the Developer Shop/Block Marketplace

As a Shop Owner you can

Change Display Name in Developer MyPage

1) On the Developer MyPage go to PROPERTIES > Shop > Leased Shops and choose the Shop that you want to rename.

2) The following Edit Shop Display Name menu will come up, simply input the name you would like to change your Shop to and click Submit.
NOTE: This only affects the way that YOU will see your Shop displayed in the Developer MyPage, the name will remain the default for anyone who rents from you.

Decorate Shop interior

To set up a Shop interior from scratch please see the Set Interior document.

Rearrange Shop interior

This part of the tutorial will show you how to modify your Shelves once you have already packed your Shop interior for upload and want to go back in and make some changes.

Re-Opening the Shop

The first thing you will want to do is open the Shop Editor and the .B2S file for the Shop you would like to modify. If you have misplaced the .B2S file do not fear, you can always re-download it from the Developer MyPage under PROPERTIES > Shop > Leased Shops > Download .B2S File.


With the .B2S file saved (ideally in the same folder you have saved your Block in MyData), go ahead and open it with the Shop editor. Notice that the Shop is empty and missing your Shelves and to see your Shelves once more you will want to locate the itemdata.zip that you uploaded as an interior to the Developer MyPage. In the Shop Editor got to File > Open zip....

NOTE: If you open the .zip before you open the Shop, you will only see your interior and not the Shop in which it belongs to. With all that complete you are now able to modify your Shelves and move them around as you see fit, possibly adding some lights and decoration. Once you are finished, go ahead and pack the folder for upload and re-upload it to the Dev MyPage.

Adjusting Item Viewing Radius

Sometimes you might notice that you have to be fairly close to your Shelves before your item appears,


However, there is a way to modify this. Once you have packed your interior for upload, use an unzipping program like 7-zip and open the .zip file. The file should only contain one item which is the display.xml. Go ahead and extract this anywhere and open it with a text editor like Notepad.


In this XML file, look for the section labeled "radius." Currently it is set to 10, go ahead and change it to somewhere around 15-25. Note that a large radius will adversely affect performance; as with all things, balance is key. With that done, save it again as display.xml and drag it back into the .zip folder it came from, overwriting the old file. Now upload the .zip as a Shop interior and once its released you should be able to notice a great increase in viewing distance.

Set/Updating Items on a Shelf

Setting a new item on a Shelf that currently has an item is a very simple process.

  • The following pop-up window will come up. Select the content you want place on the Shelf and left-click on the Set Item button at the bottom right corner.

Now the content is linked to the Shelf and you are ready for business!

NOTE: Once you set content to the Shop Shelf, it will be visible immediately in Blue Mars. If you had Blue Mars running when you set the content and you don't see it on the Shop Shelf, try logging out and coming back to the Shop.

Replace content on the Shelf

If you want to replace the content that's currently on a Shelf with another content, simply select that Shelf and repeat the Set Item process above and choose another content in the dialogue box.

Remove content from Shelf

If you want to make the Shelf empty, simply select that Shelf and choose the command Remove Item from the pull-down menu.

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