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The following guide demonstrates the steps involved in uploading an asset using the Blue Mars Sandbox Item Editor. For more information about the Item Editor, please read Sandbox Item Editor.

Converting Model to .cgf in Blue Mars Sandbox Item Editor

  1. Run Previewer.exe located in Blue Mars Online\Bin32.
  2. When the Item Editor is completed loading select File > Open.
  3. Navigate to and open the .dae file located in the asset's folder in Blue Mars Online\Game\Objects\My Data.
  4. In the COLLADA Converter Tool window, keep the default settings and select the Convert button.
  5. A warning box appears to notifiy that any geometry (.cgf) and material files already existing in the asset's folder will be overwritten. If this is OK, then select yes.
  6. Your asset's folder in Blue Mars Online\Game\Objects\My Data should now contain a .cfg and .mtl file named the same as you .dae file.
  7. To open the newly created .cgf file click the Load button in the COLLADA Converter Tool window.
    • If the COLLADA Converter Tool window is closed, then select File > Open and navigate to the .cgf file.

Positioning Model in Blue Mars Sandbox Item Editor

  1. Select the small icon in the middle of the model, or if the icon is not visible hold the space bar and a small box should appear that you can select.
    File:Sandbox Viewer - Selecting Object.jpg
  2. Select Edit > Editing mode > Move, and a gizmo used to move the model appears.
  3. To exit the move mode, select Edit > Editing mode > Select.

Editing Model's Material in Blue Mars Sandbox Item Editor

  1. Select the model.
  2. Select View > Open view pane > Material editor or press M key on your keyboard.
  3. Adjust the material settings to control the material's appearance.
    File:Sandbox Viewer - Material Editor.jpgFile:Sandbox Viewer - Material Editor Notes.jpg
  4. Use the preset lighting modes located under Display > Lighting to see what the model and material will look like in different lighting conditions.
    File:Sandbox Viewer - Display-Lighting examples.jpg
  5. Also under Display > Lighting, there is a setting for turning HDR on and off.
    • Make sure the materials look good with and without HDR.
      File:Sandbox Viewer - Display-Lighting HDR examples.jpg

Creating itemdata.zip and icon.tga Files From .cgf

  1. If not already open, run Blue Mars Sandbox Item Editor and open the .cgf file desired for creating an upload-able item.
  2. Select the .cgf.
  3. Select Items > Create item from selection to create a new itemdata.zip and icon.tga file for uploading to the Blue Mars database.
    • Note that when creating an item from selection, the current view in the display window will be captured as a screen shot and saved as icon.tga. This .tga file is used for the model's icon displayed on the Blue Mars Asset page, so make sure to have a good view of your model in the main display window before proceeding to upload.
    • Selecting Items > Open item location opens the folder location where itemdata.zip and icon.tga are created.

File:Sandbox Viewer - Create item from selection.jpg

Uploading Model for Evaluation

  1. When you're ready to submit your content to Blue Mars, follow the steps in Uploading A Blue Mars Asset

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