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CryEngine2 will only apply wind to object placed as vegetation so to gain control over how the wind will effect your object you need to apply a vegetation shader. The following is a list of options in the vegetation shader and how they will effect your object.

NOTE: There is a workaround to placing your object as vegetation. To place it as a brush you can set vertex deformation to "Bending" in the material and then enable "RecvWind" on the brush. Image:vegshader.jpg

Shader Generation Params:

  • Leaves - This should be checked if this material is on a branch with leaves. It enables back lighting (subsurface scattering that is dependant on the amount of light behind the leaf)
  • Grass - This is a really cheap shader that still accepts wind.
  • Fit to Terrain - This is for grass.
  • Detail Blending - this will enable controls for wind bending.
  • Detail Bump Mapping - same as detail bump mapping on other shaders.

Shader Params:

  • Back View Dependancy - Basically this is a setting for how much subsurface scattering(SSS) back lighting will create.
  • Back Diffuse Color - This is the color that the (SSS) will be. For practical purposes this is what color the leaf will be when it is between you and a light source.
  • Back Diffuse Color Scale - How much the SSS will effect the current Diffuse.
  • Detail Bending Frequency - This will effect how fast vertices colored with Red will move in the wind.
  • Bending Edges Amplitude - This will effect how much vertices colored with Red will move in the wind.
  • Bending Branch Amplitude - This will effect how much vertices colored Black (or Green with no other colors) will move in the wind.
  • Detail Bending Phase - Seed for overall randomized movement of Leaves.
  • Back Shadow Bias - How much of a rim of Shadow will be created by Back Light.

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