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Blue Mars Developer Guidebook: General Community Guidelines

The Blue Mars community can often provide extremely accurate and effective answers to your questions in a timely fashion. The forum and Guidebook provide venues for community members to share their knowledge and expertise with other Blue Mars designers and developers. Avatar Reality and the Blue Mars community value your insight and experience and invite you to share your knowledge. Our developer Guidebook and developer forum make it easy for you to answer the questions of other users, suggest improvements to existing support content, enhance the support content of others with links or contributions, and add new issues for the benefit of the entire community. Before you get started, though, please take a few minutes to review these community guidelines.

Registration and your account

You can browse, view, and search content without registering or signing in. But if you want to participate in community activities such as submitting content and commenting, you must sign in with your Blue Mars developer account. If you don't have an ID, please take a moment to register to become a developer. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account login credentials and for all activities that occur under your account. For other important guidelines for using, see the Terms of Service.

When you register to become a developer, you create a UserID that appears next to any contribution you post on the forum or Guidebook. So choose an ID that you want to become public.

Policies and etiquette

Mutual respect and cooperation are key elements to the success of our community. Write comments in an unbiased and respectful manner. Exercise moderation and good judgment when responding to a comment or creating a new one. Remember to be constructive and helpful in your comments; avoid personal attacks.

You are responsible for your own actions while participating in this site, including actions based on advice or information you receive from the community. Use your own judgment when evaluating the materials provided.

To report inappropriate behavior and content, click the "Report this post " icon at the top of any forum post.

Avatar Reality reserves the right to immediately remove any posts that it deems inaccurate, inappropriate, offensive, or prohibited under these guidelines. In addition, Avatar Reality reserves the right to eject or permanently ban a user who behaves in any manner it deems inappropriate, offensive, or prohibited under these guidelines. Avatar Reality may change the site content, the terms of service or these guidelines at any time, without prior notice.

Participating in the community and rating content

Feel free to contribute content, answer questions, or comment with corrections, clarifications, tips, links, and more. Your contributions help make the community stronger and improve our documentation.

Your participation in our communities helps improve our content while building a stronger community of successful users!

For more information about community contributions, see the Editorial Guidelines below.

Blue Mars Editorial Guidelines

You will be edited. Everyone is eventually edited. Don't be surprised or offended.

Before creating an entry, conduct a thorough search to ensure that you are not creating a duplicate entry. If you find a similar post or article, consider refining or improving the content before creating a separate post.

Although there is no set length for articles, please be concise and consider overall readability as you organize and create your content. On the web, readers may tire of especially long pages, so try not to exceed 3,000 words.

Because reading onscreen is more difficult than reading on paper, keep text short, simple, and easy to scan. Large blocks of text are uninviting, and they bury important information. Break your copy into small, digestible chunks so users can easily scan them. Organize content in the simplest way possible with minimal levels of hierarchy and a minimal number of structural and design elements. Use straightforward headings and subheadings whenever possible. Write short, concise sentences. Avoid extraneous words, phrases, and parenthetical statements that are not essential to your point. Do not overuse contextual links.

Because Blue Mars is used all over the world, remember to think globally when creating or updating content:

  • Don’t mention U.S.-specific holidays, customs, sports, or politics in web content. Avoid slang, jargon, and clichés that have no meaning (or different meanings) in other languages.
  • Spell out uncommon acronyms for the benefit of non-native English readers and translators.
  • Use consistent terminology.
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Blue Mars Guidebook Community Guidelines

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