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The Block Developer leases a Block from the City Developer to develop Shops and to create Residential housing on it. The Block Developer may choose to lease out their Shops to Item Developers and Housing to Residents, or decide to develop the entire Block by themselves. The Blue Mars Sandbox: Block Editor is the 3D software editor that enables the Block Developer to place their Shops and Residences on their Block. Block developers may also design limited Flow Graphs. Lastly, the Block Developer may place vegetation in the Block, but only as brushes.

Steps to Set Up Your Block

Step 1: Open the Block Data

Open the Block Editor by double-clicking on the Image:BlockEditor_icon.jpg icon.

Load the .BLD file

  • In the Block Editor menu, select File > Open BLD...
  • Load the sample file "NEWCO_NewCity_Block_2_Lease.bld."
    • If you've leased a Block from the Shop/Block Marketplace, it should show up in your Developer MyPage under PROPERTIES > Block > Leased Blocks. Highlight that Block and select Download .BLD file from the command pull-down menu. Create a directory that looks like this: \Game\Objects\MyData\CompanyName_CityName\Block_Data\Block_number\CompanyName_CityName_BlockNumber.bld.
  • The example file should be located in \Game\Objects\MyData\NEWCO_NewCity\Block_Data\Block_2\NEWCO_NewCity_Block2.bld.


You should now see Block_2 in the Block Editor display.


Step 2: Develop Your Block

To develop a Block, a Developer must create buildings to place on their Block. To create your building (or any other asset in Blue Mars), follow the guidelines shown in Blue Mars Asset Creation.
NOTE: Remember to save your new asset in \Game\Levels\YourCompany\Common\Objects. ALWAYS follow the directory formats listed here: General Attraction Submission Format.

Load a Building

  • To load a building, go to RollupBar > Objects > Brush > MyData > [YourCompanyCode_YourCityName] (in this example, NEWCO_NewCity)
  • Select the building you created (in this example, Resident_Building_1) and the building unit (in this example, b1_exterior_bottom)
  • Left Mouse click and drag the units into Block_2 area.

Place the building inside the Block_2 boundries, it should look something like this.

Add Shops

To add Shops to your Block, please read the tutorial on Setting Up a Shop as a Block Developer.


  • To load a tree(asset) in the Block_2 area, go to RollupBar > Objects > Brush > AR > Common > Natural > Trees > Tree_b > FullCanopyLargeBase.
  • Left-mouse click and drag the Brush (asset or tree) to the location of your choosing. Please feel free to use any asset created by AR (Avatar-Reality) on your Block.
Image:Adding foliage.jpg

It should look something like this.

Another view.

Step 3: Upload Your Block Data

Once you have completed your block, the new data needs to be saved and then uploaded to our servers.

Saving your .bld file
Once you have completed your modifications to your Block_2 file go to File >Save BLD.

Uploading the Block_2 data
To upload the Block_2 data, it must be converted to a .B2C data file. This format contains all the Entity data. Go to File > Export B2C...

The following menu should pop up.

Make sure that your Block_2.lyr (Block_#) and a screenshot.tga is in this menu. Click on Export, this should send those files to your MyData directory, in this case to \Game\Objects\MyData\NEWCO_NewCity\Block_Data\Block_2.

At this point, if you are leasing this Block from a City Developer, you'll need to wait until that City Developer merges your Block layer to the City and is released to Blue Mars. If you also own the City this Block is on, then you can download that .B2C file you just uploaded from the Developer MyPage and start setting up Shops. See HERE for details.

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