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Welcome to Blue Mars Online Developer Wiki aka "Guidebook", a collection of guides and walk through's for all of your development needs! If you already have a Blue Mars Developer account just sign in with your developer's email and password, if you do not have one, Register an account and contribute to help expand our ever growing guidebook! If you are having problems signing in, please go to our developer MyPage and use the password recovery system.

Developer Specific Guides, Roles, and Information
New to Blue Mars development? Read this first.
Blue Mars Sandbox Editor Guides
Manuals for the various Blue Mars Sandbox Editors.
Guide to Lua scripting in Blue Mars.
Various tutorials for creating and managing your assets in Blue Mars.
User Interface
Guides to the various menus within the Blue Mars client.
Download various Blue Mars tools and third party software.
Community Created Guides
Guides created by fellow developers such as yourself.
Frequently Asked Questions
Release Notes
Release notes for the Blue Mars Client, Developer Toolkit and Developer MyPage.
Blue Mars Mobile Guides NEW!
Guides to the Blue Mars Mobile app.
Blue Mars Lite Guides NEW!
Guides to the Blue Mars Lite application.
Guidebook Statistics and Information

Total Pages: 689

Official Pages: 648

User Created Guides: 15

Guide Creation Information

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Blue Mars Guidebook Community Guidelines

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