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ITEM EDITOR: A 3D geometry model viewer and material editor.

Item Editor General Walkthrough

CLOTH EDITOR: A tool for creating wearable assets that can be attached to an avatar.

Cloth Editor General Walkthrough

FURNITURE EDITOR: A tool for assembling, testing and uploading furniture and interior sets.

Furniture Editor General Walkthrough

SHOP EDITOR: A tool for setting up Shop interiors with shelves, lights and decorative elements. To be discontinued and replaced by Interior Editor

Shop Editor General Walkthrough

BLOCK EDITOR: A tool that enables the Block Developer to place Shops and Residences on their Block.

Block Editor General Walkthrough

BODY EDITOR: A tool for creating new bodies for avatars.

Body Editor General Walkthrough

CITY EDITOR: A tool for City Developers to create and add Blocks to their City.

City Editor General Walkthrough

ANIMATION EDITOR: A tool for converting animation files in Collada format into Blue Mars animation files.

Animation Editor General Walkthrough

INTERIOR EDITOR: A tool for creating interiors on Blue Mars, both commercial (Shops) and residential (Apartments).

Interior Editor General Walkthrough

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