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Submit an Item to Blue Mars

  • Create itemdata.zip and icon image files to upload.
  • NOTE: There are certain file size limits for content uploaded to Blue Mars (512KB for non-interior items). Please see the Technical Limitations page for details.


  • You will see this popup window:
NOTE: This upload window can be opened directly from the Item, Cloth, Body, Furniture, and Shop Editors.


  • Enter the required information
    • Thumbnail: Select a thumbnail image file (icon.tga) to upload with your artwork. You may use the default image file that is generated with your item data, or create your own image file (.tga or .jpg format, resolution: 400 x 400 pixels).
    • itemdata.zip: Select the itemdata.zip file you want to upload.
    • Vendor: If you own multiple Vendor IDs, you can associate a specific Vendor ID to your item. If you're uploading an item for the first time, this field will be blank. Typically you won't have to change this field that often.
    • Category: From the dropdown menu, choose the category and sub-category of the item you are uploading.
    • Item Name: Enter your item name here.
    • Brand Name: Enter your production name here.
    • City Limit: If you own one or more Cities, you can specify a specific City where your item can be seen and used. If you don't own a City, the default setting is "Worldwide," meaning your item can be seen and used anywhere in Blue Mars.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of your artwork. When Players click on your item, they will see this description.
    • Price(BLU): Set the price in BLU for your item.
    • Total Copies: Set the number of copies of your item you want to create in Blue Mars.
    • Note (Optional): Add any notes for yourself here. Text in this field will not be visible to other players in Blue Mars.

  • Click on the Submit button

If your data is not properly formatted, you may see some error messages. If this happens, fix the indicated issues and go through the upload process again.
If your upload is successful, then you're done! A message will indicate that Avatar Reality has received your submission, and you will be notified by email whether your item has passed the QA process and is ready to be distributed in Blue Mars.
(Updated 8/6/2010) As a general rule, all contents submitted to Avatar Reality before 4:00pm HST on a business day (Monday through Friday) will be reviewed on the same day and, if approved, will also be released on the same day. Contents submitted after that time will be reviewed the following day and, if approved, released on that same day. The exception would be contents submitted after 4:00pm HST on Friday, which would be reviewed and, if approved, released the following Monday.

Exporting A Collada .DAE File

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